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Press Release

Feminist Art Project “Vagina China” Travels Coast to Coast.


Boulder, CO (January 2nd 2018)

After a year collaborating with over 100 women to create a large-scale art project celebrating the female body, The Women’s Art League founders will speak at the Brooklyn Museum with acclaimed artist Judy Chicago on the evolution of feminist art and iconography as a catalyst for awareness and social change.

“Vagina China combines ceramics, painting, historical imagery and personal stories to engage community and viewers in deeper conversations by demystifying the vulva and promoting body positivity” said Women’s Art League founders Julie Maren and Joy Alice Eisenhauer. “Dialogue and personal empowerment are radically needed in this era of entitlement and abuse of power.”

Vagina China was recently awarded an Awesome Grant, shown at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver, written up in The Huffington Post: “Finding My Pussy Power,” and featured Latin American media platform, Cultura Colectiva: “Vagina China Is The Art Project That Was Created To Erase Your Outdated Vagina Taboos,” and mentioned by Judy Chicago in W Magazine as well.

“Vagina China’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched and we are honored that the band Pussy Riot has offered their hit song “Straight Outta Vagina” to help promote the project. All donations will help share this powerful process with thousands more women in diverse communities – women are finding deep insights and a sense of power and freedom through participating in these radical gatherings and exhibitions” said Maren and Eisenhauer.

This conversation between Judy Chicago, The Women’s Art League, and Hana Leaper, filmed by Jonathan Law at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum, will be published in early 2018.

Vagina China then heads to San Francisco on January 19th for two “Casting Ceremonies” and to LA on February 23th and 24th for the Women’s Caucus for the Arts.

Full debut exhibitions are also planned at The Eldorado Springs Art Center and Seidel City, and The Women’s Art League will be hosting weekly Vagina China “casting ceremonies” in the Boulder / Denver area for the duration of the Indiegogo campaign.

For more information and to sign up to participate go to

Vagina China is a large scale feminist art project presented by The Women’s Art League and founded by Julie Maren and Joy Alice Eisenhauer. Launched in October, 2016 on eve of electing our first female president. Vagina China set out to celebrate women by creating a commemorative set of, “White House Vagina China” with cast vulvas in the center. The plates are both works of art, and an entry point into larger cultural conversations, exploring current issues that impact women today. Vagina China embodies a new approach to collective artistic by promoting body positivity and helping women experience a deeper connection with their bodies and feel empowered.

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