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Vagina China in the Huffington Post!

Vagina China has been featured in Huffington Post!!

This is so exciting, as this time one year ago we started working on a set of Presidential "Vagina China," to commemorate the forthcoming election of our first female president... When that didn't happen, we realized our mission was a lot larger and more important—as Kiri Westby explains: "Vagina China sends the perfect “F*ck You” to Trump and his ilk. It says, “Our Pussies were here, refusing your narrative of shame and control; refusing to let you reduce our precious parts to ammunition and trophies; refusing to teach our children your version of our story.”

We are so thrilled by this article and touched by all of the women who have participated in our project. Mothering this project into existence has been so fulfilling—getting to meet so many amazing women and to make art together.

Thank you Kiri Westby for this great piece. Please feel free to share this article with abandon! It's best if you send it from the Huffington site though!

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