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The Women's Art League

This project embodies a new approach to collective artistic exploration. Vagina China is all about  "C" words—community, collaboration, creativity, the authentic connection created in a council of women—and of course, china;) 

We are stronger together and this project is bigger than the individual.

We consider everyone who participates in the creation of the Vagina China project to be a member of The Women's Art League. Participating in the Vagina China project is free of cost and open to anyone who identifies as a woman. While we fully understand that this does not include all people that identify as female, male, or transgender, we believe that this project can be engaging for anyone that has felt shame or questioning about their own body and wants a safe place to engage in conversations that inform and transform.

The Women's Art League is a hub for women artists, business owners, and organizations for you to champion, connect with, and support. These women inspire us and are making a difference in the world.  Visit the TWAL Pink Pages to connect with them.
Vagina China is the creation of Boulder, Colorado-based artists & activists:
Julie Maren
Julie works in multiple mediums including painting, installation, stone carving, textile design and ceramics. She is passionate about using art as a way to celebrate and empower women.
Joy Alice Eisenhauer
Joy is a ceramicist, educator, and mother who believes in the transformative power of art as a way to deepen our connection to our bodies, our selves, and each other.
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