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Casting Ceremonies

We consider everyone who participates in the creation of the Vagina China project to be a member of The Women's Art League. Participating in the Vagina China project is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. 

While we fully understand that this does not include all people that identify as female, male, or transgender, we believe that this project can be engaging for anyone that has felt shame or questioning about their own body and wants a safe place to engage in conversations that inform and transform.
Including women in the art making process is paramount to our endeavor. In order to do so, we host “Casting Ceremonies.”
Casting Ceremonies are a multi-sensory experience. Think soft lights, aromatics, hot tea, pulsating music, art materials of all fancy—and chocolate for inspiration. We create a relaxing, safe and sacred space with materials and instruction for encouraging our intrinsic creative voice and connecting to our primal source of creative inspiration. When we gather in circle, the magic begins—intentions are shared, fears are released, and deep connections and bonds are born.
The casting experience is private and anonymous. Everyone is solely in charge of their own cast. We offer a sliding scale for participating in the project. For more information, an attendee put together this helpful and humorous Q & A.

Join our private Facebook group (open to those who identify at female) or sign our mailing list to be notified of upcoming events. Ceremonies happen once a month at locations around the Boulder/ Denver area.

The following photos offer a glimpse of what happens at a Casting Ceremony. Thank you to Dona Laurita, Photography and Fine Art for so beautifully capturing our events. 
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